Barbara Ann Spencer Jump Art Work of the American Southwest

Desert Landscape Paintings

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I love the Arizona desert, and it is the subject matter that I've painted the most through out my career. It has many personalities and moods.

The original paintings for these scenes are in watercolor, acrylic and oil. There are several open editions and limited editions available from these paintings and you can find them by clicking on the original. I have several pages that link to this page that are devoted to desert scenery. If you are only interested in seeing certain types of prints, i.e., open editions or limited editions, or want to see only original watercolors or acrylic paintings, you may use these links to follow that path, or use the links on the bars above. more after images


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painting on canvas of saguaro and prickly pear in blooming desertlarge artwork on canvas ocoillo in desertWatercolor painting of a misty morning in the sonoran desert

Watercolor painting of the beautiful Arizona desert painting of the desert in a spring storm

 watercolor painting of saguaro and hedgehog cactusblooming saguaro in the desert

barrel cactus watercolor painting saguaro in the AZ desert

painting of blooming Arizona desert watercolor painting of desert blooms

Watercolor of Saguaro in desertsaguaro in desert landscape watercolor paintingOcotillo in desert landscape watercolor painting

watercolor painting of saguaroocotillo in the desert original painting


watercolor panting ofsaguarowatercolor painting of ocotillo

watercolor painting of barrel cactuswatercolor painting of organ pipe


Springtime Splendor - desert art - watercolor

over-sized painting of the arizona desert

Pinnacle View - Pinnacle Peak, Arizona

painting of ocotillo in the springtime desertpainting of saguaro in the arizona desert

painting of bell rock sedona arizona on canvas

watercolor painting of johsua trees in Arizona

 pinnacle view

wrens best friend. springs best I, springs best II

I like to be in the desert at sunrise and sometimes sunset, watching the skies and just feeling the joyful play of the wind and the aura of the desert. I won't tell you that I'll never tire of painting it, but I will tell you that I've been doing it for many years and I'm not tired yet!


Desert landscapes offer an opportunity to paint a few different seasons. Many of the people who move here, or who visit say that there are only two seasons. I disagree. We have the winter when little, if anything, is in bloom and the spring, when almost everything is in bloom. The summers are usually too harsh for much in the way of vegetation to bloom and shine.   Usually, the plants, like us, are just trying to survive the heat and stay alive. But we often get spectacular sunrises and sunsets, especially during our monsoons.

Since I've been here over forty years, I have seen a few summers when we had a lot of rain and most of the plants stayed green and lush. That's always a great time because the painting season is extended.

Monitor settings may make a difference in the colors and values you see.  I've adjusted these photos to look as close to the originals as possible, but I cannot see what is on your monitor.  There is more information on my FAQ page about monitor settings.

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